Friday, July 13, 2018

My Nephew's Wedding Quilt

I love this quilt.  It is all Kaffe, so how can you go wrong?

I put my first quilt label ever on this quilt.  People say you should always put on a label, but I never have before. 

Unless the quilt is for sale, I think I will put it on from now on.  Looks pretty great.

I got them custom printed from a small business in Minneapolis called "Camelsota" so google them on Facebook if interested.  They custom make all kinds of items, including one of a kind t shirts, mugs, etc.  Very affordable also.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful.  I hope they like the quilt!

I just love the gorgeous prints.  A few of my favorites are in this picture, also shows the quilting which was done by Kathryn Hodges Custom Quilting in a swirly paisley type pattern.

Congratulations Steve and Leah!

Always, Kay

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Flying Geese with the Wing Clipper

I have to admit that I have had my issues making flying geese the four at a time way.  I was looking for something to help me with that, because frankly flying geese are a big item in our quilts, right.  So the quilt I am making for an upcoming wedding has 144 flying geese, and they are the 4 x 8 size and when the blocks get bigger, for me there is more of a chance of being off.  Don't know exactly why, but for me it happens.  So, I decided to try the Wing Clipper.

And actually it worked very well...

Note my gripper strips on the ruler.  I found it was definitely necessary to use gripper strips, and as usual, I found a way to make the gripper circles go further.  I also use the area around the little circles because it works just as well.  Not so elegant, but it works!

Perfect geese, much easier.  Take off just a bit on every side and you have some nice looking geese!

Well, there you have it, now to finish up the quilt hopefully in time for the wedding! 

Always, Kay

Friday, June 22, 2018

Christmas in July

Can you believe it is almost July already???

Well, to get you in the mood, lets talk about Christmas!  No way you say?  Well, with June almost over, July is right behind, and you all know what happens in July, right?

Sunny days, warm weather, beaches, boat rides, fishing, all the stuff that makes the summer such a wonderful time of the year.

But NO...

We are thinking about Christmas in July, and not only are we thinking but we also have a blog hop to boot (you know like snow boots???).  I and my cohorts of Christmas in July will be bringing you projects galore to make you forget the warm weather and sew up a storm (snow storm, that is)!  So please join me and all my friends.  I will be posting a schedule soon.

Happy quilting.  Always, Kay

Friday, June 8, 2018

Newest Finish

Hi everyone!

I have a great finish!  I struggled with this pattern because it was all bias and a really odd and sideways way to put it together.  However, even though I will never do this one again, I think that it turned out really nice.

The quilting on this is so perfect.  It was done by my good friend Kathryn Hodges.  If you live in the south part of the Twin Cities, I encourage you to check her out.  Her facebook page is:
Kathryn Hodges Custom Quilting 

The quilting is stars with spirals in the center.  It goes so well with the secondary star block and shows a lot of movement.  This quilt will be for sale.

Hope to make a lot of progress on my nephew's wedding gift this weekend.  Shhhhh...

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

And here it is! Woohoo!!

Sorry it has been a while since I have written.  I was so busy getting my rug ready for the show on Thursday that I was even hooking all Memorial weekend.  But it is done!  I dropped it off yesterday morning and both of my pieces are in the show!

 And here it is!  Woohoo!!

The show invite is below...
Opening is Thursday!  Everyone is invited...

Monday, May 7, 2018

I finished...

I get a whoo hoo!  I finished my masked cardinal, my very first hooked rug.

I framed it in some wool felt that I hand dyed for practice a while ago.  I am pretty proud of Mr. Masked Cardinal.

I have started my second project but not even enough to show you progress.  I also have a birthday present I am making for my son... 

Deadlines deadlines.  My son's birthday is the 15th and we only have until the end of May to finish the second rug.  Then there is my wonderful son in law's birthday present and in there somewhere I need to figure out a shower gift for my niece.  So much to do...

Will check in with progress.  Always, Kay

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Rug Hooking, My Drawing and Transfer to the Linen.

Well, I have been working hard on my rug hooking.  I realized tomorrow is the day we are supposed to have our second project on the linen, but I don't have a light table yet, and I didn't even have a drawing, until this morning.  But I have been working on my bird (I call him a cardinal with a mask)...

I hope to finish this week because we are halfway this week and I need time to work on my next project which will be a "rosemaling" flower rug.  I spent the morning drawing it.

I added my sort of color scheme to the drawing.  The blue in the colored drawing is actually more teal, and the orange is a bit more peachy, but it gets the idea across.
Then using my light box which is actually a big led light for the ceiling I got at Menard's, I put it on the linen.

The light box works really well, you just tape the drawing under the linen, to the glass, and copy with a permanent marker.  All of the picture will be covered with wool, so it doesn't matter if you made a mistake, as you can see, I did.

So that is my process to begin my next rug hooking project.

As soon as I can finish my bird, I will be starting on the flower so Hopefully, I can finish it in the next four weeks. 

My Nephew's Wedding Quilt

I love this quilt.  It is all Kaffe, so how can you go wrong? I put my first quilt label ever on this quilt.  People say you should...