Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It has taken forever...

Okay, so it has taken forever for me to get started blogging. I have to admit, I have been saying, "well, I have to get (insert thing) done before I start..." and "well, I have to have the perfect thing to say..." and "well, I have to (insert anything)" so that I can do a good blog. My husband has been telling me to stop worrying about saying the right thing or having the right thing to put up, just start blogging!... So, here I am. Hello world, my name is Kay Holm, and I have been and done many things so far in my life. In fact, I started a blog once after I had a serious head injury in a car wreck, but that was just too dang depressing. So, starting over with a new theme, Sew Golden A Chance. There is a story behind that, and I will blog about that soon, but today is going to be about my absolutley adorable monster quilt I made for my grandson who is nearly one and whom I have yet to meet, another story for another day... Here it is!
Isn't it just so cute? The pattern is called "Cuddle Monsters" and it is by Whistlepig Creek Productions. It is made with dinosaur print fabric and super soft cuddle inside which was brushed somehow into stripes which you can see in the big picture. Well anyway, I wasn't planning on making this, but I went to one of my favorite quilt shops in the Twin Cities (I live in a suburb of St. Paul) called Millie P's where they had a sample hanging up in the baby section. I fell in love! The only problem was that they were out of the pattern, the only one they had left was pinned to the sample monster. So I put on my saddest puppy dog face and said, "I neeeeedddd to make this for my Grandson who is getting baptised this coming Sunday... Pleeeeezzz..." Well, the wonderful Millie P's employee took pity on me and made a copy of the cover to pin on the sample and gave me the Last One. I was so happy... Love you Millie P's. More later... Love always, Kay

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  1. I'm glad you were able to get that pattern! It's really cute.


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