Tuesday, September 3, 2013

msbhqal or mollisparkles broken herringbone quilt a long

I made my first broken herringbone block for the qal I am doing. I fell in love with this block following Molli Sparkles showing off all the blocks he has made and have been collecting fabrics.

 This first one I did was out of a bundle of greens I had to get from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics on Etsy. I have to admit that I am so in love with the vibrant colors of the new lines and I have been adding yellows and reds and oranges to my stash, and so I saw the greens and just had to get it.

 I really love it when the sellers put together fq bundles of the new colors so we can do our rainbow things or just plain have great colors to work with. So different from the older muted colors, which I still like, but need the happier vibrant colors right now.

 And for the unveiling, tada, my first broken herringbone block:

And kind of a cool picture of me with "angelic" lighting. More later. love you always...k


  1. I'm doing the MSBHQAL too. I love your block. I'm going entirely with blues on mine. We'll see how that turns out.

  2. Love the colors! They are gorgeous. What does QAL mean? I'm not familiar with quilting lingo ;-).

    1. qal is quilt a long. we are all working on the same blocks at the same time and share our progress with each other. helps to keep us on task.

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