Monday, September 16, 2013

Sunday Stash Share with Pile O Fabric

Each week Alyssa at challenges us to match her stash share as a way of looking at our own stash a bit differently and getting new ideas.  I have not been so good at getting this done in the past (and well, I have not been blogging that long) so here is my third Stash Share:  #pileofabricstashshare

You can't see it really well, but I have three gray/black combinations there.  I have put my grays in a group somewhere because I have a project in mind (always a project in mind) and I can't find them.  LOL, has that happened to you???  I bet so...

So, these three are my black gray combos for this stash share.  And, actually, they are pretty darn close to Alyssa's.

Well, gotta sew.  Love always, k

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