Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Monday

So, I finally finished my Christmas gift to my daughter Andee. It is the largest quilt I have ever done, a King size 100 X 110″! I am really proud of it. She loves dogs and she loves blue so this is the perfect combination, and there are just a ton of little squares of dog pictures on the quilt. The thing you can’t see is that I sent it out for quilting because it is so big… The quilting is an overall dog pawprint. Fun!!!

Matching pillowcases too!
Andee's dog Odhinn loves the quilt, actually he has a quilt of his own.  A smaller quilt I had made for her earlier is the one he has to have to sleep on or he won't go to sleep.  It has to be dragged from room to room for him to get a rest.  And, he is an older fellow so he always gets his way!

 Well, onward and upward. Need to get working. Have a couple of quilts I absolutely need to get done in the near future. Haven’t started one….. Kay

Friday, November 1, 2013

Finished Friday, MSBHQAL

I did it, in record time once I started to put it together.  I had it all cut except for the sashing and border so it was chain piecing to begin and then finish them up one by one.  I loved making this quilt and it is so bright and cheery that my husband says, "it just makes me smile."  So, without further ado, the unveiling of the Molli Sparkles Broken Herringbone Quilt Along, also known as #MSBHQAL.

Isn't it fun?

I know, I hung it sideways but I couldn't fit it all otherwise.

Up close and personal...  I love the fabric and the colors.
Now I need to linky or post to flikr or something.  But, I will figure that out.  Have to put it up first and then do it, so here it goes!  Love always, K

My Nephew's Wedding Quilt

I love this quilt.  It is all Kaffe, so how can you go wrong? I put my first quilt label ever on this quilt.  People say you should...