Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Mom (and Grandma)

Smiling Mom and Grandma!
 Have you ever seen such a happy camper?  I am smiling like there is no tomorrow...  Well, I had the most wonderful weekend.
My son Tony, Jackson, Me and Kathy (my daughter Andee is taking the picture).

I got to spend Sunday afternoon with my wonderful son, daughter, daughter in law, and grandson.  I treasure every moment I spend with them.

We went to a children's play area by my house (too cold for outside) and Jackson just had a ball (quite literally)!!!  

Also, my stepdaughter (on the right) competed in varsity gymnastics at South, while only 12 years old.  This picture was in the Star/Tribune, the Minneapolis paper on Friday, itsn't it neat?  She and a friend were jumping past each other on the uneven parallel bars.

A wonderful weekend...  love always, Kay

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