Thursday, March 6, 2014

Creatology, the winner of my Kona Snow, wrote:

Hello Kay:
Thank you sew very much.  I received your package today.  This Moda Snow Jelly Roll is fabulous!  I am honored to be the recipient. 
Blogging has been such a blissful journey for me.  Finding like-minded souls and an incredible amount of inspiration is amazing to me. 
Thank you sincerely…sherry

 So, betcha can't wait to find out what is next...  Well, it has to do with my Superpower, and yes, another blog hop where I will reveal just what my Superpower is!
Now this is going to be a fun hop because everyone is going to reveal their superpower on the day of their hop!  So, mine is a secret until then.

Please join me on this great hop.  All my followers, new and old (age never counts) will be eligible for another great drawing that is all about my super power.  

I will be posting what I have been doing as soon as my husband gets back from a business trip.  He took my precious camera with him.  So, I will have a lot to post soon!  Love always, Kay

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  1. Thanks for spreading the word. Happy stitching, Pauline


Hi, it's Kay, I really want to read and respond to your message... I will do my best to get to it as soon as I can.

And the winner is...

And the Winner is #20 of the people who posted a response to my blog post Friday.  I used a random number generator to get number 20 who is ...