Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Rug Hooking, My Drawing and Transfer to the Linen.

Well, I have been working hard on my rug hooking.  I realized tomorrow is the day we are supposed to have our second project on the linen, but I don't have a light table yet, and I didn't even have a drawing, until this morning.  But I have been working on my bird (I call him a cardinal with a mask)...

I hope to finish this week because we are halfway this week and I need time to work on my next project which will be a "rosemaling" flower rug.  I spent the morning drawing it.

I added my sort of color scheme to the drawing.  The blue in the colored drawing is actually more teal, and the orange is a bit more peachy, but it gets the idea across.
Then using my light box which is actually a big led light for the ceiling I got at Menard's, I put it on the linen.

The light box works really well, you just tape the drawing under the linen, to the glass, and copy with a permanent marker.  All of the picture will be covered with wool, so it doesn't matter if you made a mistake, as you can see, I did.

So that is my process to begin my next rug hooking project.

As soon as I can finish my bird, I will be starting on the flower so Hopefully, I can finish it in the next four weeks. 

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