Friday, July 27, 2018

Christmas in July Blog Hop

Well, it is Christmas in July Blog Hop Time and today is my day!  I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do for this hop and I found this panel I bought last year because I loved the chickadees so much and the tealish background with the green and red holly was so pretty.  Well, I have to admit that I bought 3 panels and was thinking about making a quilt, but I decided I really didn't want to do that now.  So, what to do with three big quilt panels???  Use them for Christmas in July!

I wish to thank Carol from for hosting this blog hop.

I began by cutting apart all the "pieces" of the panel down to each individual component, except I kept the middle section of one of the panels intact.


This section was going to be left as it is.  I then proceeded to put fusible fleece on the back although I am not sure now why I did that.  It did turn out really nicely though after quilting...

Next I started resewing everything back together, but in totally different ways.


You are probably getting the gist of what I was making now, a table topper with four placemats, two of the bird with berries and two with the birds on the pine tree.  I then applied fusible fleece to these.

But, I was not done yet...  My daughter is always asking for those kitchen towels that have the flap that buttons over the top so she can put it on her stove.  I found a cute red checkered towel that was in my stash and decided to cut it in two to make two towels.


Gathering and attaching it to the front of a panel piece, I then sewed the "inside flap" above this piece.  Then sewing together the front and back outside flap right sides together, I pinned the flaps together folding a quarter of an inch up for the back side, I sewed the three sides together, turned the flap right side out and stitched down the opening through the two flaps and the toweling.

At this point, I was ready to find a button and make the buttonhole.

I knew I would find something in my button box, and so I did.  I decided upon the deep red.

I had never made a buttonhole with my Bernina before, and I tried just "winging it" and ended up taking the entire thing out.  I found my manual, followed the instructions, and OMG it was so easy.  I will have to remember look things up in the instructions.

Anyway, I loved it!


All that was left was to quilt and bind the placemats and table topper.  I used a soft and white batting in between (and yes, this is the time to wonder why I used fleece on all the pieces) and did echoing around all the designs in the pieces.  I think this turned out great and I am really proud of it.


And the final project (Don't tell my daughter because she will be getting this for her birthday):


Happy Christmas in July!  I hope you have enjoyed my project.  Please look at all the other bloggers' posts for other great ideas!

There's a ton of amazing talent among the hoppers.
Be sure to visit them all and leave a sweet will be appreciated!

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July 27

Always, Kay

 PS.  Leave a comment below for a chance to win a Fons and Porter Half and Quarter Square Ruler.

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