Thursday, August 22, 2013

thorny Thursday

I know I put a picture of this cute cuddle monster up yesterday but I still haven't gotten past how cute he turned out... and in honor of finishing one quilt top yesterday, I had to go to the quilt shop today. I will put up my new picture tomorrow but I have a story to tell.

 My friend and I were discussing baby quilts with a couple of women who just walked into the shop. One was a new grandma who was going to make a quilt for her new grandson. Well, of course Carol and I are more than willing to give our advice out whether they need it or not... So, it reminded me of the cute quilt monster I made for my own grandson and how much I missed in not seeing him over the past year of his life. (Another story, another day). 

Well, the daughter came with her six week old baby and of course the grandma forced her daughter to bring that gorgeous boy to meet Carol and me so we could do our best ooohh and aaaahhh thing, and believe me it wasn't hard to find the ooohhhs and aaahhhs because that baby (sound asleep of course) was just about as cute as they come.

 And that grandma asked me and Carol what we were buying all our fabric for, to which I announced "it is for the ever growing pile of great fabric that I have to have for some project I will come up with someday". And, she thought I was kidding.

 Anyway, I called this post thorny Thursday for a reason. everyone names their Thursday posts with names like "terrific" or something with only a "t" sound. But Thursday is a "th" and we quilters just need to come up with a charming "th" for Thursday. So there's my Thursday challenge, come up with a good "th" for next week. love always, k

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