Saturday, August 24, 2013

Why "Sew Golden a Chance"?

I know that everyone is curious about why I chose the name "Sew Golden a Chance" for my blog.  Okay, not everyone, but maybe someone someday might be, so I will talk about it anyway.


My best buddy Sheela, my forever puppy, just passed a few weeks ago.  It may be longer than that but it seems like only a few days.  I miss her every day, I miss her smile, her annoying barking, her steps always right behind mine, and her fierce love and loyalty.
My Sweet Sheela

Two years ago we got a golden retriever puppy named Sadie for my husband.  While he thought he really wanted a dog of his own, he never really found enough time for her, nor was he really enthusiastic about the care she took.

When Sheela passed, I was heartbroken.  I knew she could not be replaced, but still I yearned for my own puppy.  My dh told me that I could have Sadie.  I didn't want to take her away from him and frankly, Sadie seemed to lack the personality and feistiness I love in a dog.  He kept on with this idea, telling me to "give Sadie (the golden retriever) a chance."

I know, you can see it now.  Sadie has developed a great personality and  while I would not call her feisty, she definitely has a lot more sparkle to her.  That's how "sew golden a chance" was born.

Besides, "Sew Mama Sew" and "Molli Sparkles" were already taken...  Love always, K
Young Sadie and Sheela

Older Sadie and Sheela

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