Sunday, September 29, 2013

Finished Friday, the Wedding Quilt

The wedding quilt had to be done to go to the Iowa wedding on Friday, so I am calling it Finished Friday!  Here are some pictures.  The blocks are paper pieced multi color and the in between is a red and black ginkgo leaves block.  The theme of the wedding was red and black so the ginkgoes fit well while the paper pieced blocks made it much more colorful and bright.

For the paper pieced blocks, I quilted a section to highlight the star, just in the ditch.  On the ginkgo leaves, I did a crossed canoe.  It looked really nice I thought.  (Although hard to see in the picture)

The backing is a more orange red ginkgo with a black border.  I need to say one thing about washing quilts.  I did a lot of line marking to make the crossed canoes.  The quilt needed washing, you can see it kind of puffed up in the pictures.  However, the paper pieced blocks were made with batiks and the black was very black.  I used quilt soap and I put a couple of Shout Color catchers in the wash.

You can see they were well used.  I maybe should have used more than two, but the color of the batik blocks did not dull so I think it was enough.  Clear warning when using dark colors with lights, Color Catchers can make a huge difference on how your quilt looks after washing!

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