Sunday, January 5, 2014

One Little Word, Believe

Responding to Pat Sloan's challenge for us to choose a word that we wish to focus our energy around for 2014.  After giving it a lot of thought (for me, more than two seconds), I decided my word is Believe.  I chose this word because of a conversation that my husband Shawn and I had last night.  He was talking about the synchronicity in the universe, the power of thought, energy, and prayer, and the magic that can only be described as divine.  A miracle happened in my life just this past week:  my son and his family came to see us after six years of separation.  I met my grandson who just turned one.  A miracle.

Kathy (my DIL), Tony (my son), Jackson (my grandson), aren't they a beautiful family?
Happy Dad and Jax
Jackson or Jax, they don't come any cuter.
So, yes, Believe is my word.  I believe in miracles.

  • I believe in my family, each and every one of them.  
  • I believe that I can get better.  I am still struggling with health issues, I have a brain injury that is slowly healing, I have carpal tunnel in both wrists, and my fibromyalgia has been off the charts caused by the car accident a year ago this month.
  • I believe I have a lot yet to contribute.  While I turned sixty this past October, I believe I am still a shining star in the world and I need to let my light shine.
  • I believe in growth.  I believe I can grow in many ways even though I have disabilities.  I believe I can help my family grow.
  • I believe in being present in this moment.  I believe in letting go of the past.  
  • I believe in never giving up but rather holding the love and light and believing in miracles.
So, Believe is my focus word.  Thanks Pat Sloan for making me think of it.  love always, Kay


  1. Believe is a great word for you to focus on this year. Miracles do happen!

  2. Great looking family and Jax is a cutie!

    1. Thanks, I am so glad to have him back in my life.


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