Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Working on UFOs and some easier quilts

A UFO from 2016 Pat Sloan  Have you gotten some older UFOs that are really needing to be finished?  I found this one hiding in my closet and decided it was time to get it done.  I am going through my closet, I have maybe 7 other quilts started but need finishing, in various states of "doneness".   How many do you have lurking in the darkness?  This does not count the ones yet to be started.  I didn't bother to count them.

This one is called Secret Garden

And my fabrics are a secret (ha ha) until I get it done...

It really is a fun pattern.

And an easy but very cute baby quilt...

So cute...   That's all for now, quilt on...  Love, Kay


  1. Oh man, you only have 7?? I'm not even going to tell you how many in my UFO pile. It's my goal to decrease it this year. I think I've finished 8, but my pile keeps getting added to! Haha! That is a cute quilt to work on!

    1. Hi Wendy, I think I only have seven. But so far this year, I have completed six so it was much higher. My goal is to get down to one or two so I can start a bunch of new quilts and have a bunch more UFOs... Thanks Kay


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